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The avant-garde movement in the arts, theatre, music, the study of voice and the interest in diverse cultures are the common subjects that link the two artists. In their outstanding performance we can witness a sort of an ‘rational inconsistency’, that it doesn’t try a synthesis between the extremes, but it exalts the contradictions instead, actually taking its dynamics from their tension.
The actions are instinctive, vibrant, dramatic, deep and charged with energy – from vocal virtuosity to brilliant ironic reflections – in a suspended and magic atmosphere of extemporaneous anarchy.
In ‘’Anthropology of the unconscious" we see them engaged individually and together in the realm of theater, musical avant-garde and improvisation: an hallucinatory excursion which takes the spectator on a sensual and emotional journey.

..."suspended and magic atmosphere of extemporaneous anarchy, and hallucinatory excursion, a cathartic esthetically experience", where listeners can suddenly catch a certain sense of humor and spiritual tension that often impetuously burst into lines such as on fifth and tenth tracks.
CHAIN D.L.K. Music Rewiew

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solo | theremin | zither | ocean drum | didgeridoo | gongs | voice | movement
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performance philosophy | teatro del pensiero

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matthias bauer | alchimia organica - the alchimist´s laboratory
gio kaptra | performance philosophy - teatro del pensiero
marion fabian | xtraelectra - electronic, theremin, voice
sputh and glandien - performance philosophy

CD releases
alchimia organica photo
Alchimia Organica
Maria Lucchese - theremin, zither, gongs, voice
Matthias Bauer - double bass, voice
rec.: Oct. 2013
cs 260
bergamo fall photo
Bergamo Fall 2013
Roger Rota - sax
Maria Lucchese - theremin zither, gongs, voice
Matthias Bauer - double bass
rec.: Nov 2013
kapta cd
777+2 Per Aspera ad Astra
Maria Lucchese - voice, theremin, tibetan bowls
Gio Kaptra - modular synthesizer, sound processing, breath
Recorded in Italy, July 2017