Maria Lucchese        Matthias Bauer       

       improvisation    performance    experimental voicing 

                                            new music   

                                             musical theater


The avant-gard movement in the arts, theatre and music,                  

                                        the study of voice         

                              and the interest in diverse cultures


                                       are the common subject that                                                                       

                                                   link the two artists.

In their outstanding performance

                                we can witness a sort of

                                                      "rational inconsistency"

that it doesen´t attempt to make a synthesis between the extremes, instead it         

                                       exalts the contradictions,

                                                               indeed taking

              its dynamism from their tension.

                                       The actions are instinctive,                                                               



                              deep and charged with energy

                                from vocal virtuosity to brilliant ironic



in a suspended and magic atmosphere of extemporaneous



       An allucinatory exursion

                                 a cathartic aesthetical experience

                wich takes the spectator

                                                   on a

                                                   sensual and emotional



Artist: Maria Lucchese/Matthias Bauer (@)


Title: Alchimia Organica   

Format: CD

Label: Creative Sources (@)

Maria Lucchese and Matthias Bauer curently reside in Berlin. They collaborate with musicians, composers, singers, poets and dancers.

They perform in galleries, clubs, and music festivals like Musica Viva Muenchen, Mantova Musica, Intersonanzen Potsdam, Randspiele Zepernick and in  Hellerau European Centre for the arts, Philharmonie Berlin, Spazio Mondadori Venezia, Territorio Musicale Urbino.